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The Universal Peace Shield of Truths: Ancient American Indian Peace Shield Teachings
Revealed by Rainbow Eagle - Seventh Fire Peace Shield Teacher

In 1978, Native peoples, including those of Alaska and the Hawaiian Islands, were given religious freedom by an Act of the Congress. Thus began the move of Earth People from the Sixth to the Seventh and final fire. As will be further explained, each "fire" represented a chapter or spiritual age in which certain events were prophesied many thousands of years ago. This prophecy is called the "Seven Fire Prophecy" of the Anishinabe Nation (the ancient name for the Ojibwa/Chippewa Nation of the Great Lakes region of the United States). In this time of the Seventh Fire, these original truths, the teachings of the Peace Shields, are to be brought out for the last time. They are to be shared with all four races to help bring the human family back together again. The human race is truly standing before pathways toward either continued disharmony with nature or blessedness with universal oneness.

In the early 1980s, the last Peace Shield Teacher of the Anishinabe Nation called me to his home for two winter visits. He shared the teachings of the Peace Shield, an Ancient Anishinabe Drawing, with me and one other Native person before he "changed worlds" in 1984. Now there are only two to teach the Shield and put it into active use. I have chosen two apprentices to help me make the teachings more available.

The Peace Shield can only be taught when there is no war, and now is the time for this old drawing to be revealed to the Earth Family. There are four door openings in this ancient Peace Shield for all the known truths of the world to enter into the Great Lodge of the Creator. The interpretation of the symbols and the spirit of community in the Peace Shield, also the gathering of truths from all sources are fulfillment of ancient prophecy. These teachings are now being offered to spiritually minded persons as a challenge to become joyful walkers into a wonderful and eventful future.

The Peace Shield wisdom is to be added to the wisdom of other sacred scrolls and records, such as the Dead Sea Scrolls, that have been and will continue to be discovered. The purpose of these discoveries is to provide humanity with access to ancient and present knowledge. This knowledge will guide human choices and entry into the last fire or spiritual chapter. Humanity must actively participate in the trail blazing of spiritual paths now. If there isn't great light at the end of our tunnels, then we must have all truths available to us now to build our faith in the Creator the Great Mystery. There should be great optimism in the days in which we live.

Many indigenous Native people of "Turtle Island" (North America), as well as of Central and South America, are starting to take flight together. This is just as was stated in Incan prophecy that "after 500 years of oppressions, the eagle and the condor will fly together." I spoke with Willaru Huayta, spiritual messenger from South America, during one of his visits to Ohio. Steven McFadden described Willaru and his teachings in his book, Profiles in Wisdom.

  • Willaru Huayta emphasizes that he is not a shaman, nor is he a priest, or even a teacher. He is a "chasqui", a spiritual messenger in the tradition of the Inca. Specifically, he says he is a messenger of the Sun, and the message of solar wisdom that he bears is a synthesis of wisdom from all the traditions of the world. "I am a child of the universe," Willaru explains, "and my mission is planetary, even though the specific lore I know is from the Incan and Gnostic traditions."
  • "We have been waiting five hundred years," he says. "The Incan prophecies say that now, in this age, when the eagle of the North and the condor of the South fly together, the Earth will awaken. The eagles of the North cannot be free without the condors of the South. Now it is happening. Now is the time. The Aquarian Age is an era of light, an age of awakening, an age of returning to natural ways. Our generation is here to help begin this age, to prepare, through different schools, to understand the message of the heart, intuition and nature."
  • "Native people speak with the Earth. When consciousness awakens, we can fly high like the eagle or like the condor in 'El Condor Pasa'. Ultimately, you know, we are all native and we are all part of Mother Nature. She is inside us and we are inside her. We depend totally on the Earth, the Sun and the water."

I have been with, and witnessed, some of our present Elders, the Grandmothers and Grandfathers taking steps "off the reservation" to teach. Their willingness to share ancient truth is motivated by their nearness to the Divine Source the Creator. Yet, they have received pointed criticism from their own people for sharing teachings of their traditions.

Many are aware of the sharing of the last 20-30 years by our Hopi Elders, Mayan brothers, Aborigines and others. They are innately connected to Mother Earth and to where we are in the cycling of Earth history. They are the "windows" to sacred records and instruments which surfaced in their times. Also shared has been prophecy stating that the Great Purifier/True White Brother, who some refer to as Pahana, the elder White Brother, would return bringing stone tablets to be placed together with hidden Hopi tablets. These tablets together form the Life Plan for those following the Great Indian Nations to become a brother under the one Great Spirit, to find the one central Life Plan and follow it and walk forward to the Good Life. Then we will help each other . . . we will uplift and support each other in our faith. For the white people (to) realize we must work together, then if they are faithful, they will help us follow the Life Plan." Lomouaya, another Elder, relates, "By what sign to know for the coming of the Elder Brother . . . I will give you a sign by having certain stars fall, and when you see this sign, you will want to prepare to start to get rid of things that are burdening you so . . . you will have your burden in a light manner."

Some Native traditions speak of their prophecies as coming to an end. There is no end. Ancient calendars are not ending, but I believe, merely recycling and signaling us of some bright and beautiful existence ahead. We are only reaching a point where there is a nearness to the cycle "starting all over again" the re-emergence of divine participation in the path of human life and spiritual evolution. As a result, creativity and political freedoms are reaching high levels in many parts of the world.

Because of the cyclical nature of life, each one of us is able to experience visions at some level. By becoming more knowledgeable of natural laws and attuning our spirituality to reflect more of the Great Mystery within us, I am convinced that we can see into the future with spiritual eyes. We can see where we are going by utilizing the sacredness within us, the prophecies and teachings, such as the Medicine Wheel and the Peace Shield.

The Peace Shield tells of the Earth People being at the crossroad of life. We are at a "Y" in the road where we must choose what kind of future we want for ourselves and for future generations. We must choose either to seek the nearness of the Creator and a respectful relationship with each religion or grouping of truth, or continue a journey of separation from the eternity of all life which brings only more hard life-lessons. There is clear reason to be optimistic about the future when we realize how far we have come and where we are in the natural and repeating cycles of life.

It is not relevant to assign dates or times for the cycles. There are accounts of many other periods of peace and harmony upon this planet. It is only important to know the cycles have repeated many times. With a complete overview of the Peace Shield teachings, there is every reason to anticipate a glorious future ahead. The statement, "What used to be will be again," is a profound truth that we can hang our hats on and also store in our spiritual memory banks.

One of the purposes of this book is to reveal, through the teachings of the Peace Shield, the brightness of the light upon our beautiful path. When we understand we are finally living the events and promises of the Seventh Fire, we are unmistakably heading into the "blessedness of the First Fire." In the First Fire, people were living a full and peaceful life in harmony with all other life forms, respecting each as a relative. The people lived in harmony with all life on Mother Earth and in the universe, every direction a reflection of the Creator. In every sense, the light of the universe, the Creators growing essence of the Great One, permeated all aspects of life the life of the unborn, the ancient ones unseen and the lessons just beyond ones footsteps. Prayers, decisions and changes were made that were necessary for human kind to evolve closer to the eternal source of love the Creator.

The Universal Peace Shield of Truths: Ancient American Indian Peace Shield Teachings - Revealed by Rainbow Eagle - Seventh Fire Peace Shield Teacher. Soft cover book.
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