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Hope Found in Teachings
of an Ancient American Indian Peace Shield

by Rainbow Eagle, Seventh Fire Peace Shield Teacher

I am a native person of Okla-Choctaw heritage, who has been entrusted and honored, in this Seventh Fire, to offer the teachings of an ancient Anishinabe (Ojibwa) Peace Shield of truth and instructions to the Human Family one last time. The ancient truths of this shield are older than many sources including the Dead Sea Scrolls. Gathering and increasing truth's power to restore and amplify peace upon Mother Earth is the ultimate purpose of the Peace Shield.

A bundle was opened in early 1996 in a special ceremony to begin the sacred mission of the Peace Shield. Contained within the bundle is a sacred prayer pipe and large elk hide upon which the Peace Shield is drawn. "The Seven Fire Prophecy" foretold of this time to the ancient people. Seven prophets spoke of a Fire or Spiritual chapter which described things which would happen to the people. The Seventh Prophet said that native ways would be honored and the Elders would again speak. Also shared was, the light skinned race would be given a choice between two roads: destruction, or the lighting of the Eighth and final fire, an age of peace, love, joy and oneness.

In addition, the Seventh Fire foretold of the signals which would be given to Native People so they would know when to act for the good of "All Relations." The signals would include environmental concerns, risks to the destruction of humanity, high levels of technology, Earth Changes, and finally Freedom for Native people to participate in their beliefs.

The Peace Shield is a reminder to Native people that in the Seventh Fire it would be their responsibility to assist and help bring the Human Family back together again. "These original truths of the Peace Shield are to be given to the Human Race for the last time so that each person can have what they need to decide the future of our Mother Earth." The Peace Shield teaches the value, beauty, wisdom and wonder of walking into the future with great faith and absolutely no fear. In the past the Peace Shield provided community and personal stability, it now charters for human kind a journey into the blessed future.

The Peace Shield brings this challenge to all Earth Walkers - become more aware of and develop respect for all religions and ways of reaching toward the Creator. The peace Shield has a specific circle that honors and holds the energy of those prophets, messengers and spiritual leaders who are the reflections or rays of light that emit the truths and glow of the Great Source/Creator. Unique to the Peace Shield is the bringing of a "sharing table" into the Lodge of the Creator. At this table, the Human Family can become aware of our neighbors that share this earthly planet. As each person, group and community of believers talks with each other, the outcome promised in many prophecies comes nearer.

I believe that spirituality lives first in one's personal expression of truth, second, in the choice to find companionship with others and third in the courage and self-discipline to walk one's talk in the next "fire" or dimension of existence. One reminder is presented here for all to consider. Sacred scrolls and documents will be brought out of their concealment when the people return to spiritual ways, "By Faith Alone." We must take time to reflect upon our native warriors and aborigines who exhibited no fear in purer cultural times.

A significant blessing, and gift, of the Peace Shield is its energy to balance oneself and groups. The task of spiritual beings in the Seventh Fire is the balancing or the strengthening of two aspects of our personal outlook on life. Having achieved this balancing of two truths, there develops within our spiritual being a totally new aspect within us. This new aspect, a third dimension of self, can assist and literally propel us into or towards a new reality of life, or step into the future.

Many of us are standing at some sort of "Y" in the road. I believe the Peace Shield within us and the Peace Shield(s) by ancient ones can shed light upon our journey back to the side of the Creator and Community. The future will be created by each one of us. Let us all anticipate and prepare, even celebrate our Journey toward new realities of life.

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